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Mose the Monster

Mose the Monster is our match day competition that raises valuable funds to enable us to support the club and subsidise coaches for away trips. For more information look out for our hard working ticket sellers on matchdays and please give generously!


Current Jackpot

Moseley Rugby Supporters Association
  • The game consists of 51 playing cards plus one Moseley Monster card, publicly shuffled but unseen, and pinned face down in the Mose The Monster cabinet, which is displayed in the Clubhouse.

  • The locked cabinet will only ever be opened at the conclusion of each home games Mose The Monster draw, remaining locked at all other times.

  • To play the game, purchase tickets for £1 each from an MSA ticket seller every Home game. Each ticket is numbered, and you must retain your ticket to win.

  • At the close of ticket sales (at the end of half-time), all ticket stubs will be placed in a hat.

  • During the second half, one winning ticket shall be drawn out by a member of the MSA committee. The ticket number will then be announced over the public address system and be on display at the MSA desk in the old clubhouse.

  • The holder of the winning ticket MUST be present at the time of the draw. If the ticket holder is not found, the prize fund will rollover to the next draw.

  • At the end of the match the holder of the winning ticket has the choice of turning over any single card from the locked display box. If the Moseley Monster is turned over then that person wins the Jackpot. Other cards have a prize attached (see Mose The Monster Prizes).

  • All cards turned over during the course of the season will be returned face-up to the locked cabinet. At the conclusion of each home game, the hat will be emptied in preparation for the next home game.

  • The Mose The Monster Jackpot will increase each home game until it is won, up to a maximum of £500.


Mose The Monster Prizes:


Each card is worth its value in £’s, see below.


Ace = £11     2 = £12     3 = £13     4 = £14     5 = £15     6 = £16     7 = £17

8 = £18     9 = £19     10 = £20     Jack = £25     Queen = £30     King = £35

Mose The Monster = JACKPOT


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